The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

Feminists for Life and the Rhetoric of Choice

The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

The FFL Name

Feminists for Life’s primary opponents are modern day feminists who promote access to abortion as a part of reproductive justice, and thus one of FFL’s main goals is to build up common ground with them.  Feminists for Life’s efforts to do this begin with its name.  By calling themselves “feminists,” they establish themselves as a group of women directly concerned with the wellbeing and rights of women everywhere, uniting their goals with the goals of their opponents.  As previously noted, however, this is a potentially dangerous move as the name could to evoke anger from an audience that spent years fighting for and defending abortion rights against anti-abortion advocates.  This reaction could prevent any dialogue from even starting, but clearly this is not the reaction they are intending.  Instead, FFL seeks for the oxymoronic power of its name to provoke a series of questions and conversations:  What is a Feminist for Life? Can one call oneself a feminist and oppose a procedure that promotes a woman’s privacy and control over her own body? Can one call oneself a feminist and oppose the legality of an operation that keeps women safe?    Can one call oneself a feminist and believe that abortion destroys the life of an innocent child?  They want the answer to these last three questions to be “yes.”

From here though, relying up words is not enough.  Their “yes” must be supported by their actions.

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