The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

Feminists for Life and the Rhetoric of Choice

The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

The FFL Logo

This simple pin of the Feminists for Life logo succinctly sums up the comic approach that Feminists for Life take in their approach towards abortion.  Rather than imaging a fetus, Feminists for Life emphasize their identity with women by rendering a new version of the symbol of womanhood.  They alter the symbol slightly so that it comes to look like a woman, with a head, outstretched arms, and a body.  When the outstretched arms are combined with the upward motion of the “woman,” it generates an expression of hope and empowerment.  There is a sense that she has been released from burdens and is now moving onwards to bigger and better things.   This, of course, is the goal of FFL, to free women from societal hardships and, what they believe, to be the burden of abortion. 

Unlike the fetus, though, this symbol does not automatically designate them as an anti-abortion group.  This deceptiveness could work for or against them, depending on the situation.  On its own, the logo does not raise awareness about the issue of abortion.  And like the issues surrounding the name of the group, some may think that feminism and pro-life are too oxymoronic to ever be used together, and that to try to do so is deceptive and dangerous to women.  On the other hand, the oxymoronic nature also has the power to generate interesting dialogue once a question or comment is made about the logo.

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