The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

Feminists for Life and the Rhetoric of Choice

The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

The Presentation

The physical image that any group puts forward is critical in spreading its message.   Today’s society is largely driven by visual stimulation, and especially on the internet, groups have just a few seconds to demonstrate why they deserve more of the viewer’s time.  Whether online or in print, presentations need to be attractive and contain information that’s both easy to locate and relevant to the viewer’s needs. 

For Feminists for Life, their presentation of themselves on the web and through flyers are their most important ways of spreading their message.   Through these mediums they have access to the greatest number of people.   Flyers can be distributed throughout a college campus of thousands of students, and the internet is available to the entire world.  A lecture series or newsletter on the other hand, may only reach a few people, and even then it’s likely that the audience is already friendly to the message.   Feminists for Life is aiming to provoke discussion among their opponents. 

Thus, FFL’s visual presentations have become a critical extension of the comic frame set forth by the more traditional forms of spoken and written rhetoric. 

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