The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric

Feminists for Life and the Rhetoric of Choice

The New Anti-Choice Rhetoric


This blog was constructed as the digital media portion of a final project for UNC-Chapel Hill’s English 316 class, Rhetoric and the Civil Rights. 

Over the course of the Spring 2010 semester, our class has examined the  ways in which rhetoric has been utilized by various civil rights groups to change the attitudes of our nation. We began with a study of the classical Civil Rights Era, learning the oratorical styles and approaches of both famous and lesser known leaders of the time.  We then extended our rhetorical perspective by looking at other approaches to rhetoric including music, photography, monuments, and even comic books.  Lastly, we have applied our knowledge to modern civil rights movements, and sought to understand how they use traditional rhetorical strategies, or even create new ones, to spread their messages. 

This blog explores the rhetoric surrounding the controversy of abortion.  For those who consider themselves pro-choice, the question of the civil rights lies in supporting the reproductive rights of the woman, whereas those who consider themselves pro-life understand abortion as violating the rights of an unborn child. 

I propose that through the use of a comic frame, Feminists for Life offers a unique approach in their attempts to generate dialogue between the two groups.  Through their visual presentation, as well as their words, they build up the “common ground” in their efforts to help women, while simultaneously remaining authentic to their unwavering anti-abortion stance. 

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